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Affiliate System

Upon sucessfully registerred as YSB affiliate, you could login to our affiliate system via the login ID.

【How to Register】

  1. Click affiliate registration:
  2. Fill in the details:
  3. Scrutinize the affiliate terms and submit your application. Our affiliate manager will contact you shortly:

【How to Use affiliate system】

  1. Upon successful registerred as YSB affiliate, login ID and password will be provided and you could access to YSB affiliate system immediately:
  2. Affiliate menu will have reports to ease your understand of client status:
  3. The Main page will have important detials:
  4. Player Report
  5. Via the profit & Loss page, affiliate is able to know his client win/loss:
  6. Via the deposit & withdrawal page, affiliate is able to know his client deposit and withdrawal figure:
  7. Via the bonus page, affiliate is able to know his client claim the bonus:
  8. Via the register detail page, affiliate is able to know who is his client:
  9. The Player activity will show affiliate client turnover:
  10. Affiliate Report
  11. The Commission page will show you the detailed calculated commission figure:
  12. Admin/Security
  13. We will update the latest message in the system:
  14. Affiliate is able to change his affiliate login password:

【How to contact us】

  1. Affiliate is able to contact us by email. contact us